What are the steps taken to book a party?
Step 1: Check out our PDF pricing list.

Step 2: Send us an email.

Step 3: Whilst waiting for a response fill in a short questionnaire allowing us to gain a better idea of what you’re looking for.

Step 4: Once contact has been made a meeting will be set up at a chosen location or alternatively over the phone.

Step 5: After both parties have agreed on what is expected and what will be delivered a written agreement will be created and signed for both parties to retain.


What is the price quote?
All quotes are shown on our fully downloadable PDF found at the bottom of all our pages. Just click onto ‘Get Your Quote’


How long do you have to book in advance?
Ideally the more time in advance we have to plan your event, the easier it will be for us to deliver the best options for the your requirements. The minimum requirement is one month.


Can Tha Spot organise same day parties?
We can provide a DJ for a same day party. However, as it is short notice our other services will not be available.


Do you offer individual services? Can you just order 1 service for example just a DJ or just security or just catering?
In the event that you have tried to organise your own party and your DJ has fallen ill or your food service delivery van broken down we do offer these individual services.

Are we open to working with different locations that are not shown on the site?
If you find a venue that is not on Tha Spot’s location tab, where you would like to hold your event, we are more than happy to book that venue for you or allow you to organise your own booking (provided the venue has a private hire option).


Are there any venues Tha Spot wouldn’t work with?
The only venues we would avoid working with are those that do not offer private hire options, if a venue only has table bookings we will not be able to work with them.


Are there more locations going to be added to the site?
New locations & venues are constantly being looked into to be added onto Tha Spot database.


What areas do you extend your services to?
In and around London. To be more specific we operate within the circumference of the M25.


Would the catering be self-service buffet?
For the catering we only offer a self service buffet style but alternative options can be achieved with a customer order.


Does catering cater for pescatarian and vegetarians?
If specified we are able to cater for the above.


What does Tha Spot aim to achieve?
The main aim is to make planning a party easy. How? By bringing all the services together to create a brilliant party accessible in one place. Instead of researching who the best DJs are, where the best locations are or what catering services are available, we do that all for you. Not stopping there we also aim to take control of all arrangements under your instructions e.g guest list invites & ticket sales.

Tha Spot is also a hub for creative people to advertise their entrepreneurial services so long as it complements the primary aim of Tha Spot. We would like Tha Spot to be seen as a space where DJs, venues & caterers can advertise their business, opening up more operations for healthy trade.


What are Tha Spot’s products and services in its most basic form?
We offer a variety of services; DJs, venues, caterers, design & security.

More specifically, our design services consist of  flyer design, ticket management, guest invitation management & social media maintenance.


What are the descriptions of the top services Tha Spot offers?
We offer:

  • DJ services: The client has the option to send a selection of tunes of the type of music they are after or they can provide an entire playlist provided they have the use of a Spotify account
  • Catering: We currently offer four variations of cuisine; Caribbean, African, Popular Party Food & Celebration Cakes
  • Locations: We provide a selection of locations available for bookings which are growing in number
  • Security for parties: S.A.S certified guards are provided
  • Promoting your events: Client specific audience ticket promotions and flyer design


What are the types of customers Tha Spot is targeting?
We are here for those who want to celebrate birthdays, BBQs, christenings, housewarmings, lunch parties or those who simply want a house party.